G4 Canada revamps hit show Call for Help with Vancouver-based Greedy Productions



January 31, 2007 – Toronto, ON – G4 Canada and Greedy Productions Ltd. are pleased to announce the redesign of the hit consumer technology show Call for Help. Hosted by award-winning technology guru Leo Laporte, the show will now be known as The Lab with Leo Laporte. The one-hour show will still air daily on G4 Canada and will now be produced in Vancouver by Greedy Productions Ltd.
The Lab with Leo Laporte is designed to help viewers of all knowledge levels, from tech savvy to novice, get the most out of their technology and keep them up-to-date on all the latest technology news and products, but with a fresh new spin. The revamped show will be quicker-paced with a sleeker look and sound while maintaining the format of responding to viewer calls and e-mails as well as product demonstrations, fun tech tidbits, breakdowns of tech jargon and updates on the latest trends in technology.
Leo will be joined each week by experts and guests that will continue to bring viewers the latest and greatest in technology news and products that fans came to expect from Call for Help. The Lab with Leo Laporte will feature a host of enthusiastic leaders in technology with a specific focus on both well-known and up and coming technofiles from the Vancouver area to cover every angle of the ever-evolving world of technology.
“Moving The Lab with Leo Laporte to Vancouver with Greedy Productions is a fantastic step forward for the show,” said Tom Ayley, General Manager, G4 Canada. “The popularity of the show has grown considerably over the past eight years and has consistently been reaching new audiences around the world. Putting a fresh spin on the show with Greedy Productions is exciting for the whole team and we continue to promote Canadian talent with new guests each week joining Leo in helping viewers navigate the world of technology.”
“Leo is a legend and a great guy,” said Victor Lucas, President of Greedy Productions Ltd., “Nobody has done more to demystify technology on television than him. All of us at Greedy are really looking forward to working with Leo and launching The Lab this spring.”
Brand new episodes of The Lab with Leo Laporte begin shooting in March 2007. Announcements for the launch of the show’s official website and the first air dates for the program will be released in the near future.

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Dir. of Public Relations & Consumer Mktg
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