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G4 is the ultimate on-air destination for those excited by and curious about all things related to technology. By using technology as a backdrop to entertain, amaze, and engage viewers, G4 is the lifestyle network that showcases how the latest trends, and products enhance our lives. G4 is currently available in more than 34 million households in Canada, as well as distributing content to more than 70 countries.

Our website expands on our television shows' content. We take the issues and interests found on the shows and add information and resources. If your interest is sparked by something you see on television, you can satisfy that curiosity on the website. To that end, we offer in-depth stories, video features, and links to other resources on our site. You can start at our homepage, where we highlight the best of today's content. Or you can go directly to the pages for each television show. Explore our site. We're sure you'll find something that captures your imagination.

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About G4 in Canada
G4 Canada (formerly TechTV Canada) launched in September 2001. G4 is the one and only television station that is plugged into every dimension of games, gear, gadgets and gigabytes. Owned Rogers Media Inc., the channel airs more than 24 original series. G4 is available on digital cable and satellite. For more information, see www.g4tv.ca.